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Candidate Relationship Management and Its Benefits

Candidate Relationship Management and Its Benefits

Establishing relationships with candidates is a crucial aspect of a successful recruitment process. As a recruiter, it’s essential to keep in mind that candidates may become employees now or in the future. A candidate may become a company client, making CRM even more critical as it reflects its reputation. Therefore, having a solid candidate relationship management (CRM) system is essential. Let’s explore how CRM impacts the company’s recruitment process.

Defining Candidate Relationship Management

Recruiters use a system known as CRM to facilitate and organize the recruitment process. This system tracks all interactions between recruiters and candidates, from the initial stages to the final stages of recruitment. The CRM stores a record of both ongoing and completed candidates, aiding recruiters in creating a positive impression on potential employees by facilitating smooth communication during the recruitment process. This positive image can have a significant impact on accepted employees and even motivate unsuccessful candidates to re-apply in the future.

The Importance of CRM

1. Ensuring the candidate pipeline stays engaged and active.

It’s possible that many candidates with all the necessary skills are being overlooked by recruiters. 

2. Help you to keep in touch with individuals you have encountered.

It could be that a candidate you know has just quit and/or been laid off from his/her workplace.

3. Display the company’s culture to the potential candidate.

This shows that the company’s employees work well and have a critical way of thinking, as evidenced by how they manage the recruitment process with this system.

4. Determine the candidate’s eligibility.

As a recruiter, it is helpful to estimate at which stage a candidate may be eliminated from the recruitment process. This can aid in managing the candidates effectively.

CRM Strategy Phases

There are several stages in building a candidate relationship : 

1. Discover

To find suitable candidates, you can gather information from resumes or previous interactions. Make sure to customize your CRM system for the specific position you’re recruiting for to receive accurate results of candidates you’ve encountered in the past or passive ones. The CRM system will also assist you in determining which job portal is best suited for finding the ideal candidate.

2. Attract

Implement strategies to raise awareness among potential candidates about your company’s recruitment efforts. Utilize this system to effectively communicate with passive candidates and provide them with up-to-date information about your company.

3. Engage

Make your recruitment process accessible for candidates to increase engagement. Integration with the applicant tracking system is also needed so that you can contact candidates using the sms or email they include on the resume. Be transparent about any results the candidate gets.

4. Hire

Utilize this CRM system to assess candidates and assign them a ranking based on their relevant skills and experience. Keep track of the number of candidates who have received referral codes and the candidates you have successfully hired.

5. Nurture

It’s a good idea to maintain contact with candidates who don’t make the cut during the selection process. They may be a good fit for future openings. By keeping them in your talent pipeline, you can create your own pool of potential hires. Additionally, offering them the chance to provide feedback on the hiring process demonstrates your company’s willingness to improve in the future.

Using a CRM system can significantly benefit a company’s recruitment process. However, there is a drawback when the CRM software is not updated regularly, which can hinder recruiters from managing the recruitment process effectively. It is crucial to choose the right software for this purpose. Fortunately, Shortlyst is an AI-powered software that can provide reliable assistance to optimize your CRM system. With its built-in CRM feature, Shortlyst can easily track all recruitment activities of your team and display essential metrics and conversion rates, enabling data-driven decisions. Take your hiring process to the next level with Shortlyst!

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