“Pintarnya increased 20% of their
deals since using Shortlyst”


“By providing accurate and up-to-date contact details of high-level decision-makers within companies, Shortlyst has been a game-changer for lead generation efforts at Pintarnya.”
Arisman Edward
Business Development Manager


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New closed deals


New closed deals


As a Business Development Manager at Pintarnya, Arisman Edward faced a significant challenge in his lead generation efforts. One of the major hurdles he encountered was the difficulty in connecting with high-level roles within potential client companies and obtaining their contact information. The traditional methods of lead generation were time-consuming and often resulted in incomplete or outdated data, making it harder for Arisman to reach out to the right people at the right time.


To overcome these challenges, Arisman decided to explore innovative solutions to enhance his lead generation efforts. Shortlyst caught his attention as a promising addition to his existing set of tools.
“Shortlyst is an advanced contact intelligence platform that harnesses cutting-edge technology to provide accurate and up-to-date contact details of high-level decision-makers within companies.”

After giving Shortlyst a try, Arisman was amazed by its capabilities. The platform not only helped him discover the contact information of key executives and decision-makers but also provided additional insights, such as their roles, responsibilities, and professional background. This valuable data streamlined Arisman’s lead qualification process and empowered him to craft personalized and compelling messages tailored to each prospect.

The platform’s efficient data retrieval system and its ability to identify high-quality leads quickly made a significant impact on his sales pipeline.

“Within a few months of using Shortlyst, we observed that approximately 20% of our current deals were the direct result of leads obtained through the platform.”
This remarkable increase in lead-to-deal conversion rate was attributed to the precision and relevance of the contact information provided by Shortlyst.
“Shortlyst has been a game-changer for my lead generation efforts at Pintarnya. As a Business Development Manager, connecting with high-level decision-makers has always been a challenge. Shortlyst’s ability to provide accurate contact information and insights has made a significant impact on our sales pipeline.”

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