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Talen Acquisition Strategy & Sourcing Best Practices

talent acquisition strategy

“Please help me find a list of candidates for X position, within a couple of days. I want them to have all these qualifications, but make sure they are within our budget.” Does this ring any bell? In face of such high-pressure challenges, it is only natural to rely on known methods such as job posting and referrals. However, they may not be the most effective solution out there.

These methods would require you to wait up to months for incoming applicants. Furthermore, the process of screening hundreds or even thousands of resumes can be overwhelming. After all is said and done, how would you even know if the ideal talent even applied? By taking a more active stance on hiring, you may just connect with the right candidate using less effort.

Let’s revisit how we should look at talent acquisition strategy today

According to a study by Mckinsey, on average 59% of bright talents in the market are juggling multiple job offers at any given time. It’s safe to assume that highly qualified individuals are simply not active job seekers zooming through job boards for their next career move. By contrast, 64% of employed workers would consider a new job offer if approached.

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Passively waiting on applicants may no longer be enough to meet today’s talent demands. Instead, active sourcing of ideal candidates is a great strategy that cannot be ignored.

A new mindset to accommodate a fresh take on talent sourcing

Quality hire or no hire should be the principle held by any great recruiter. In view of a long-term healthy relationship between a company and its people, we should take pride to not compromise on quality. So how do we maintain this ideal in spite of the aforementioned conditions set by hiring managers?

The trick, surprisingly, is to be calculative on the effort we invest in each candidate. Instead of manually screening thousands of applicants to pick out a potential star, it would be more practical to have already identified these stars prior to spending time on hiring. This is where a talent search engine can come in handy!

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Shortlyst’s AI based solutions is an all-in-one tool for recruiters to build winning teams. Let’s take a quick look at how this can be done.

1. Use smart search filters

Shortlyst’s candidate sourcing tool has filters that can help you narrow your search to show the top talents that are available globally in an instant. The filter provides suggested inputs based on your previous interactions and improves upon itself as time goes by.

The recommended talents are also sorted and ranked based on how they best fit your criteria:

●      Experience

●      Skill Proficiency

●      Education

This way you can prioritize who you want to nurture first based on how well they match to the requirements of your vacancy.

2. Shortlist your high potentials

By shortlisting talents of interest, you can notify your team on who is being considered for what position. This way it eliminates the occurrence of offering multiple positions to the same individual. Their profile will also be saved in the job search you created so that you can engage them anytime.

3. Automate reach outs 

talent sourcing strategy

Once you have found a list of candidates matching your requirements, Shortlyst can help you automate candidate outreach.

The first point of contact is a critical step in building a great relationship with your leads. Using personalized templates you can engage with them in a clear and welcoming manner. A nice opening can go a long way to relax follow-up communications and create more open conversations.

When the template is set, with a click of a button, Shortlyst can help launch your reach out request to all shortlisted candidates via LinkedIn. This way, you can leave the repetitive task to Shortlyst and focus on getting to know your candidates more.

4. Ignored? It might not be you

Many times, connection requests can go unanswered for an extended period of time. Most of these cases are not because candidates are not interested, but they are just not aware of being reached out to. For highly sought-after candidates, there is also little incentive for them to check on their LinkedIn profile often, thereby taking a pass on most opportunities.

However, this does not mean that we should give up on them just yet. Through Shortlyst, you can gain access to their contact details such as:

●      Email

●      Social Media Profiles (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Github, etc.)

With the use of our multi-channel talent nurturing platform, you can have every opportunity to make yourself heard.

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