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6 Full Recruitment Cycle Processes

full recruitment cycle

The quality of a company is determined by the strength of their employees. Therefore, the hiring process should be based on a set of clear criteria. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only about a candidate‚Äôs  performance. 

No doubt that this indicator is important; however, it is not the only one a HR manager must evaluate when faced with the laborious task of choosing from several candidates. 

Although the detail on these stages is still debatable, there is no denying that a fixed system such as a full life cycle recruiting – or end to end recruitment – helps the company to choose the best candidate. 

The company might devise its plan according to the market condition, but in terms of the addition of personnel, the distinctive process will almost always be the same. 

What is Full Life Cycle Recruiting?

Full life cycle recruiting is a comprehensive recruitment process with six stages: preparing, sourcing, screening, selecting, hiring, and onboarding.  

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This method ensures that the personnel recruitment scheme can be applied on a long-term basis to minimize budget and workforce throughout the recruitment phases.

The system not only focuses on the recruitment process but also stresses the importance of onboarding. Each process goes through several stages, all of which are planned to become an independent system that facilitates the company’s hiring design.

Who Controls Full Recruitment Cycle

The recruitment process requires the implementation of a comprehensive criteria. In addition to performance, issues such as attitude, availability, salary aspiration, qualification, and, of course, experience in previous positions also matter. 

This is why, in medium to large companies, the job is handled by the HR department, where each department member usually oversees each stage of the recruitment cycle.

Things may differ according to the scale of the company. Startups or small businesses might leave the planning of the whole recruitment cycle to one person – called HR generalist. Meanwhile, on the other side of the scale, businesses can also trust the recruitment cycle to other companies specializing in hiring and recruiting – outsourced.

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Details on Full Cycle Recruitment

full cycle recruiting process

A human resource department has to establish a clear and standardized recruitment process. Of course, the selection criteria may vary from one job position to another. Nonetheless, the process of recruitment have to go through these crucial steps:

1. Preparing

The person overseeing the recruitment cycle must identify the vacancies that the company needs to fill, the functions that derive from these positions, and the profile that the candidates could fulfill. 

After identifying these shortages, it is necessary to take measurable steps to prepare detailed job descriptions that form the basis of this initial step.

2. Sourcing

In order to find a diverse profile of candidates, several channels need to be leveraged. The more channels it uses, the more options it will have to find the perfect person for the job. 

For now, there are at least four sourcing channels that companies commonly utilize: web, social, in-house, and referrals. But as technology encompasses many aspects of life, the need for an AI-based platform to help expedite the recruitment cycle is also at an all-time high. 

There are four crucial components to consider when integrating technology with the recruitment process: system automation, pricing, communication, and profile library. 

A platform needs to have a comprehensive global talent library with a scalable communication scheme for each candidate like Shortlyst. With our platform, companies will unquestionably discover the right candidate for them.

Another variable that is also very important is the automation system, which becomes the primary feature of Shortlyst talent search software. But apart from these features, Shortlyst provides a low price which is only 5% from the LinkedIn platform price.

3. Screening

This stage is the key to the success of the recruitment cycle process. The HR department must select the best candidate to fulfill the company’s needs. Screening is often accompanied by an initial interview by telephone or virtual interview to find out the in-depth skills and abilities of prospective candidates. After filtering the data and preselecting candidates, the company must confirm the data that each applicant has provided in their CVs. The most common are references to third parties.

4. Selecting

In order to accurately gauge the proficiency of a candidate, an interview process must occur. The company can carry out any methodology to obtain the necessary information for the selection process. 

There are several types: open, closed, individual, group, psychological tests, and performance. Selecting is crucial because it will be the last point before the recruitment process ends and hiring begins.

5. Hiring

After an exhaustive assessment of the most striking profiles, finally, the moment comes when the company must choose a person – or people – who from that moment will be part of the company. Before that, a second and even a third interview may be carried out. 

Hiring is not just about finalizing the recruitment process. This stage is also stretched with exchanging information regarding the initial salary offer, working time, vacation, health insurance, benefits, and several other details.

Onboarding is preceded by making a formal offer. Check out our Offer Letter templates that might come handy

6. Onboarding

The company must ensure a smooth onboarding process to the new employees during the initial transitionary period. In addition, during this period, it is necessary for the company to carry out individual sessions with the new employee to know the level of adaptation to the position and the work environment. Feedback is vital at this stage.

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