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Top 5 Candidate Sourcing Channels for Recruitment & How to use Effectively

sourcing channels for recruitment

Sourcing channels are vital for businesses looking to hire top talent. With the rise of technology, sourcing channels have increased. However, not all channels are created equal, and not every organization can use them effectively.

This article lists some of the top sourcing channels and how to use them effectively.

Job Boards

These are amongst the most popular sourcing tools due to their ability to attract candidates from various locations and backgrounds. Posting in specific categories makes reaching candidates with those skills easier, and the targeted approach can also reduce the time to hire. Also, active jobseekers prefer these for ease of application. In addition, job boards usually provide recruiters with metrics and analytics of the reach, views, and responses. This can help improve the effectiveness of recruitment.

However, recruiters need to sift through the resumes without any help. Also, you need to ensure that you filter the talent based on geographical and functional relevance.

Shortlyst gives you the best of ALL worlds by combining the most relevant database of job seekers worldwide and across niches.

Talent Database

Talent databases are a valuable tool for sourcing talent due to their access to a large pool of candidates, which can add to the diversity in the organization’s resource base. As you get easy access to thousands of skilled candidates, they are highly cost-effective. They also help you save time, as all profile details are available immediately. You can choose from various subscription-based models and build and optimize the talent pipeline. Talent databases also give you ready access to a talent pool should your organization ever need resources.

However, the data in talent databases can sometimes be old, making it difficult to reach the candidates.

Shortlyst’s AI-powered sourcing tool offers a fresh and regularly updated database as a part of its subscription. This ensures that you have every candidate’s latest data, making it easier to reach and hire them.

Talent Pooling

This is a practice wherein companies maintain their own talent pool. The pool comprises applicants who were rejected due to various reasons. It can also include passive candidates and those you did not shortlist at that time for some reason. Talent pooling can maximize the efficiency of your recruitment campaigns and make the best use of the resources, time, and money you’ve spent on recruitment. This can also significantly reduce the Time-to-Hire.

The best way to go about this is to manage recruitment with dedicated software like Shortlyst. It allows you to build a robust candidate database for further use.

Networking events

Professional networking events give you an opportunity to meet potential candidates face-to-face. As per LinkedIn, almost 85% of all job vacancies are filled via networking at industry conferences, job fairs, and similar meetups.

Ensure that your company has a strong presence and that the recruiters are well-prepared for any questions candidates may have. Once you connect with candidates, take down their contact details and be in touch to build engagement.


Perhaps the most relied-upon method for hiring, about 40-45% of the jobs in a company are filled via referrals. It is a reliable way of filling any vacant position as there is a component of trust. Also, with reference, candidates have more confidence in getting selected, so they prefer this route.

Organizations use employee referral programs to find the ideal candidate, rewarding a referee after a successful hire if some conditions are met. At times, organizations also take the help of external referral, i.e., via someone the recruiters know professionally or in their personal lives.

These sourcing channels are preferred by recruiters from all over the world across industries. Whichever channel you choose, Shortlyst helps you build on it with a robust database, smart filters, central storage, and an intelligent CRM making your hiring process more effective and giving you better results.

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