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Using Facebook for your Recruitment Process

Facebook Recruitment

Over 2.91 billion people across the world use Facebook actively. Thus, it is understandable that it can be an attractive avenue for hiring talent. But, considering it is a social media platform for ‘casual interactions,’ how feasible can it be for recruitment? We look at Facebook recruitment in detail.

So, why is Facebook such an attractive avenue for hiring talent?

An enormous talent pool

As stated above, Facebook continues to dominate the world of social media, with the most active users among other social media platforms. These users meticulously enter all their work, education, and sometimes personal details into their profiles. Also, Likes, comments, shares, messages, viewing ads, and filling out lead forms are second nature to them. Thus, applying for a job on Facebook is very easy for them. Also, if a Facebook user likes your job ad, they’ll like or share your post. It is a domino effect that can easily put your job listing in the spotlight.

A flexible way to communicate

Facebook offers a range of tools – Messenger, Facebook Pages, Marketplace, and also Facebook Jobs in some countries. You can leverage these tools to design your recruitment strategy in a better manner. Add audio or video call links to the advertisement so the candidates can directly reach you. Also, adding third-party links to forms and other such tools can help make the hiring experience better.

Improve the candidate experience

If the candidate chooses to apply for a job vacancy on Facebook, all contact information and work history will be pre-filled based on their Facebook profile. You can also ask the candidate to write a short cover letter and tap Send on Messenger. It doesn’t take more effort than commenting. Before you know it, the candidate has already applied. Also, the fact that they will know when the recruiter sees their application gives them peace of mind. This is how Facebook can help improve the candidate experience.

Better candidate profile

One of the benefits of Facebook is that the applicant’s work history and education are automatically entered into the application form. Also, the candidate can edit this information before submission. This is significantly different from LinkedIn, where all data in the candidate profile is sent to employers. Hence, there is no scope for supplementing individual parts of their resume in detail. However, some experiences may be more relevant to the position they are applying for, and the candidates may wish to focus on relevant areas and crop out less important areas.

Hire a social media manager to manager your Facebook recruitment. Read their job description here

Better ROI on recruitment ads

Facebook allows you to post for free on company pages. However, you can create a customized campaign using Facebook ads. They allow you to choose a budget, target audience, and pay-per-click.

They also allow for specific targeting and tracking, and you can also boost your job postings. Thus, you can control your expenditure and ‘see’ how your money is being spent.

So, should you recruit on Facebook? Before you start, you need to conduct some basic checks –

  • Can you find your ideal candidate pool on Facebook?
  • What demographics should you target?
  • What is your advertising budget?
  • Can you dedicate time and resources to post on Facebook consistently?

If you answered yes to most of the questions, you could post your requirements on Facebook. However, ensure that you keep in mind the following before you post.

Be consistent

Your brand image across online venues needs to be consistent – whether it is a company website or Facebook. This ensures that the candidate knows what to expect.

Resonate with your candidate pool

At the end of the day, Facebook is a social media. Hence, you must ensure to post content that is innovative and something the candidates can be enthusiastic about.

Check automated responses

You can automate responses on Messenger. While this is an opportunity to ensure better reach outs, you must ensure that the responses are relevant. Also, keep an eye out to intervene in the interactions when necessary.

Keep an eye on testimonials

We rely on reviews for everything. Hence, employee testimonials are an important area you need to pay attention to when on Facebook, as they can make or break your recruitment strategy. Keep an eye out for negative reviews on Facebook and try to address them at your earliest.

So, yes, you can hire talent on Facebook, but it has its caveats. Companies are increasingly using Facebook to post vacancies, promote the work culture, and engage with potential job candidates. However, Facebook being a public platform, may not be the best place to collect or manage sensitive information from job applicants. Also, the lines between business and casual interactions can be blurry on Facebook.

Using HR software designed specifically for recruitment is an excellent alternative to using Facebook. For instance, Shortlyst provides a slew of recruitment-focused tools to improve the recruitment process for both the HR and the candidate. The bonus point, you get access to over 650Mn+ complete profiles sourced from multiple sources. Talk to our sales today!

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