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Trusted by recruiterss across multiple industries and regions

Trusted by recruiters across multiple industries and regions


Since using Shortlyst, Qerja reduced their cost-to-hire by 70%, get more leads, and created better sourcing experience.
“It is a very pleasant experience using Shortlyst for sourcing and and find people’s contact information.”
Hesti Mulyani
Team Leader, Qerja


Since using Shortlyst, NusaTalent reduced their time in contacting every candidate. They managed to reduce the cost of hire by 70% .
“Shortlyst provides candidate relationship management systems with AI-based recruitment platform that could help candidate engagement.”
Febby Karissa
HR Manager, NusaTalent


Stockbit managed to get better response rate and fasten their time-to-hire ever since subscribing to Shortlyst.
“Subscribing to Shortlyst has been a game-changer. It helped us overcome the challenge of double reach outs, approach candidates faster, and reduce our time-to-hire.”
Jhohanes Silalahi
HR Manager at Stockbit

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Simplify your hiring process with all-in-one recruitment software
Great platform to streamline our recruitment process and keep everybody on the same page.
Jhohanes Silalahi
HR Manager at Stockbit
Shortlyst has helped my team to connect with top talents instantly, cutting our sourcing time shorter and resulting in better hires.
Aulia Fitriasari
Talent Acquisition at Commonwealth Bank
Shortlyst provides CRM systems with AI-based recruitment platform that could help candidate engagement.
Febby Karissa
HR manager di Nusatalent
Very user-friendly recruitment software with reasonable pricing and prompt answer regarding the issues we meet.
Emmanuel Constenoble
Co-founder Surya Solution
Leading AI Technologies that effectively help me to reach candidates in different countries.
Dr. Iss Narin
Recruitment Manager at Tom Sorensen
The power of automation with enormous number of profiles that will help to expand your outreach and save your time dramatically!
Michael Cia Han
CEO at Matcha Talent
Shortlyst can accommodate the needs of strategic positions and helps me to search, engage, and hire candidate faster.
Guniwus Yayo
HR Manager at Linardi Associates
Shortlyst is an additional tool to make your sourcing easier with a big team, high number of vacancy, and time efficiency.
Mascha Moeis
Director at Execrute Consulting


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